Dirt. Don’t. Hurt.

     Dirt Don’t Hurt…wait…. maybe it does. Umm on second thought, for sure it does. There were 2 major points to this trip we all set out to accomplish, 1) Iron Cobra’s custom build two amazing machines and show that even custom can still be ripped and 2) Rally to The One Moto Show that our friends put on in Portland every year to celebrate an event that means something more than just showing off great work, they bring people together and unify a community of like-minded people. We tempted fate coining this trip Dirt Don’t Hurt as a symbol to folks that no matter what you ride if it’s on 2-wheels and a throttle its fun. If you haven’t ever ridden on dirt, you are missing out on a part of riding bikes that cannot be duplicated.

Cinematography: Lyttleton Carter  //  Photography: Drew Ruiz

     The escape from monotony began on Sunday February 4th well before the sunrise. We set out with a portion of the crew and looked to rendezvous with Evan from Iron Cobras and the 2 beautiful fire breathing beasts that eve in Hollister Hills CA just before sunset. All went according to plan and we were on the road thru LA traffic, picking up all the players in this game from filmer and photographer to breakfast burritos and all the gas we could handle.


350 miles and 6 hours later we land in Hollister camp grounds and meet the white sprinter housing the feel good devices. After wheeling the beauties out and drooling over them for what seemed like forever we all looked at each other and the lightning bolt struck…we get to ride these things!  About 15 minutes into an epic evening sesh we get hit with our first hiccup…Scott from Answer slammed. All the sudden we had a broken right hand and collarbone on our hands and a trip ender to our fearless leader. With Scott headed home to get worked on we had to rally and make day two a success. The initial crew was made up of 6 total now one less with Scott we set out for filming day 2. Early to rise we had freeze dried goodness that was just a big watery but still got the job done then back at it on the bikes to knock out some miles. It was a beautiful day filled with epic weather, perfect trails, rolling green hills, shaded single track and nothing like it for miles and miles. Pretty much perfection and why we all love dirt. Time to pack up and head to the next spot. Stonyford in Elk Creek, CA.


     Jumping in the seats of the FMF Toyota Tundra we realized that another 4 hours and 260 miles would go by quick with the tunes from Sirius station 43. Had a few insane food stops on the road too including a shake shack that we pretty much all tried to put our resume’s in after eating. We should be planning an Anthony Bourdain visit for spring 2019 food network special there. Back to the road trip, we landed in Stonyford at about 1am greeted by sub-freezing temps and the exhaustion hitting us like the pine on Bo Jackson’s thigh. Waking up for the 3rd day it had redemption written all over it. An incredible sunrise, birds chirping, trees standing full 12 o’clock boys followed by a hearty meal pretty much set the tone. Stonyford showed us high hill climbs as well as some perfect rocky sections and a couple incredible water crossings. Stonyford left us with smiles, dirty bikes and wet boots to hit the highway and try and dry out for the long haul….Tillamook, 570 miles and 10 hours away.

     Many people have experienced the issue of hitting the preverbal travel wall. Safe to say this happened multiple times to all the people on this trip. The remaining WLF Founders left the south land for a straight thru drive to land in Tillamook Forrest outside Portland Oregon. About a 19 hour straight thru drive, not a bad gig with an RV and 6 dudes. Still the challenges that present themselves on the road are real and the lane lines always seem to blur by hour 10 or so of driving. The first crew was already outside of Tillamook by about an hour and had to finally turn in for a few hours’ rest at a local motel to re-charge the batteries and clean up for the sake of sanity. Interesting side note about the stopping point was the same town the Spruce Goose plane is parked in and like the Goose we were all cooked and grounded for the remainder of the morning. Approximately 10am both the initial WLF x Answer x Iron Cobra crew merged with the remaining members of the pack traveling the last few minutes into Browns Camp to the meeting site in Tillamook.


The pack was reunited and it felt so good. Rolling the bikes out of The Den; having everyone get to hoot and holler at their first chance meeting with these two lovely ladies was a site for sore eyes. The weather was perfect, the crew was over the moon and the conditions literally couldn’t have been any better. Another chance to ride these bikes on dirt that no one in our crew had touched before was priceless. Tillamook, what do we say about Tillamook besides the fact that it is totally fake. The Moon of Endor mixed with Jurassic Park we were all waiting for Ewolks  and or T-Rex to come charging out of the bushes and try to put a hole in our Nitro Mousses. We spent the better half of the next 2 days being toured around insane trails with amazing people in an incredible place, all thanks to the community that is dirt bikes.

     Every great time passes and leads to another great moment, thus the riding had to come to an end at some point so we could get the rigs over to The One Moto Show in time to kick off the blissful weekend vibes and festivities! We headed over to north Portland right outside of downtown to the Pickle Factory where the 9th annual One Moto Show was going to be hosted. Friday was spent setting up and getting the sections all juiced and ready for folks to come thru and experience a little taste of what we all got to go thru for the past 8 days. Saturday and Sunday was a blur of a ton of amazing interactions with people from all walks of life, all with the same passion for motorbikes. We kept the bikes dirty and the merch clean. The booth had an mind-blowing video looping that gave people just a little taste of what 1100 miles, 2 custom bikes, 3 riding spots, 20+ people and one dream of doing something rad for all the right reasons looks like.


Dirt Don’t Hurt, it heals, it gives, it shows us the possibilities are endless, it creates friends for life.



     Thanks to everyone that made this trip a reality from the brands involved, to Evan building to all the pack along the way that got everyone and everything to The One Show to celebrate an incredible event, Thanks Tori & Thor for hosting yet again another amazing ONE MOTO, Answer for putting it all together, Scotty for putting it all on the line, Carter for making CO. cool and film look insane, Drew making us all understand the science of light bending, Sean with the strong Yelp game, JustinHunt & Gregor for the moto tour of a lifetime, Hobbs, Angel and KC for hurry up and waiting,  See See Coffee for the best brew, Donny @ FMF for the truck and the tunes, all our wives and kids for letting us realize a dream and enjoy the ride. Anyone we’ve forgotten we love you too!!!

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