2016 Ride for Kids DualSport Ride

10 years ago, Greg Schlentz one of our founding core members was invited to the “Ride for Kids” by an old ripper that had been supporting the cause for many years. He got together with a few guys, donated and showed up ready to rock.  Since we were not plated, we ended up riding in a different area. At the end of the day we felt good because we got to support an amazing cause by doing something we loved. This was the inspiration for street legal bikes that would grant us the ability to ride anywhere. Through the years a few of us have participated in the “Ride for Kids” events individually or with small groups, but this year we wanted to step it up. We decided (late in the game) to gather the troops and get things rolling with the support of our pack members and the [WLF] Enduro community.  And this is what we did…

We tried to get the word out to friends, family and of course our Wolfpack team.  Jacob Smith our point man on this was a large motivating factor. He was on us each and every day to promote the cause.  We used IG to get the word out to all our followers. We made it clear that we didn’t need $100.00, $50.00 or even $25.00 from contributors. Every little bit helps, even a couple of bucks.

In addition to Jake’s motivation, we were brainstorming other ways to promote this.  We have been fortunate enough to come into contact with some great companies over the past year. So, we decided to coordinate a Give Away/Raffle open to anyone contributing to our “Ride for Kids” team.  We did two giveaways, including gear from MSR, StanceMoto, Nixon and of course, some [WLF] Enduro Apparel.

Photo: Brandon Patton

Photo: Brandon Patton

Overall the Pack raised a little under $3,000.00.  This was all due to the help of our friends, family, sponsors and pack members.
Not only did we raise money for a good cause, we also made some new friends along the way.  This was a cold, foggy, wet adventure for the books!  We started with about 22 riders in our group and ended up with a couple smaller groups of 6-7 that stuck together throughout the day.  Each group has their own stories to tell; from waterlogged bikes conquered by rivers to the typical AAA “Off” Roadside Assistance.  Riders regrouped for hot dogs, fuel and comradery, and then made the trek back. All in all everyone ended the ride with smiles on their faces and ready to make plans to do it again.

District 37 is also a large part of this event and many others. Not only do they support the “Ride for Kids” they support riders all over to help keep trails open for us and our future little rippers.  
From Dual Sport/ADV bikes to technical Off-Road, Enduro riding, we love it all. We are brought together by moto-comradery and the passion of exploring on two wheels.  We appreciate the support of all who contributed to the cause and continues to support WLF Enduro.

Huge thanks to everyone who donated online towards the ride and foundation!

You can see the entire list of donors here: Donor list

Special Thanks to MSR // MalcoLm Smith Racing, StanceMoto, Nixon,

Hime Herbert, Jacob Smith, Greg Schlentz, Mike Smith, Luke Takahashi, Chaz Reta and of course Keith Culver.

See you Next Year!

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