Wolfpack - 15 Person Desert Group Ride

Sunday - December 20th 2015


If any openings become available we will announce it to the email list.
Stay tuned for more group ride info. Thank you.


*Only 15 people can be selected for this particular ride*
Due to safety, and technical terrain conditions limited amount of riders is necessary.

Enter in your information below to be submitted for the group ride.

*This ride is intended for ADVANCED to EXPERT level riding skills ONLY. Licence plates NOT required.

The day ride will be an estimated 65-75 miles in length. Riders will be responsible to carry their own lunch/meal/snacks. It's quite possible this ride may end up in the dark. Make sure you have proper night-riding lights.
Exact staging location, meeting time and other ride information will be provided to the selected 15 riders.

This ride is FREE of charge. We're stoked an privileged to get on the trails with you!

2015_Thanksgiving Desert Ride-55.jpg

Riding Terrain

Technical rock crossing & climbing

Single track sections

Extremly rocky hill climbs and downhills

Sand washes and loose soil


Bike & Protection gear

Safety is our number 1 priority

Wear as much protective gear as possible

Bring tools and parts common for on trail repairs

Radios and communication devices suggested

Wolfpack Trail Guides

There will be 1-2 core guides for every 3 riders.
All of the core riders will be equipped with radios for constant communication and safety purposes.

Let's keep the pace

It's important we keep the group moving. We always encourage keeping the riding pace moving.
We know there always are exceptions and events that come up on the trails. Just try to be in good riding shape.

More Rides to come

If you don't make it on this one, we'll do our best to keep your priority in line. We wish all ya'll could join!

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2015_Thanksgiving Desert Ride-51.jpg
2015_Thanksgiving Desert Ride-11.jpg