Operation 2 Wheel Freedom

Mission II : 2018

WLF is a community based platform that unites people thru two-wheels and a throttle. Operation 2 Wheel Freedom was a concept created to simply say THANK YOU (BOLD) to our service men & women for your service. Its an a special project we at WLF do to support the riding community and go FURTHER TOGETHER.

We’d love to invite you down to our backyard in the high deserts of Southern California for a good ol’ fashion rip with some good folks. A time to enjoy a day on the bikes, some good food, photos and hopefully some incredible memories.

We're excited to announce our amazing friends at Husqvarna will have a demo fleet out in full force. 10 bikes and some of the most epic humans from Husky to help get ya on the trail!! Sign ups have more bike info if interested.

The date we have planned  for MISSION II is April 6th-8th.

Active SERVICEMEMBERS & VETERANS submission form:

Limited space available

- Detailed event Itinerary will be provided to invitees - 

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MISSION I : 2017

There is an old country song called “Sunday Morning coming down” you may or may not know it, if you don’t go and take a listen. Originally written by Kris Kristofferson in 1969, Johnny Cash’s rugged delivery and somber tone made this song a number one hit in 1971. It’s a story of how typically most Sundays are hazy crystal balls, filled with necessary recuperation and spent in a fog from the weekends less than best decisions. The Sunday of April 9th was a bit different for the WLF family. It was filled with lucidity, anticipation and something on the horizon smelling more like exploration than old tequila. This day we set out to place emphasis on others that had placed emphasis on others before themselves. We are referring to service men & women from our US Military and our USAF (US Armed Forces) Ride we’ve purely called Operation 2 Wheel Freedom : MISSION ONE.

USAF Group shot at the Johnson Valley WLF compound.

USAF Group shot at the Johnson Valley WLF compound.

We set out with mission one to simply say THANK YOU; by bringing out Active and Non-Active military participants to our home turf to showcase some great terrain and just have an overall epic experience. This concept we were working on for some time, came to many on a whim with an insta invite, a pretty non-descript email outlining a day and place to meet and not much else. These individuals not knowing what was instore or even why we looked to them, did what they’ve done so many times in the past when called upon…they stepped forward.

WLF Den in all its glory.
Calm before the storm.
Breakfast of 

These individuals and those like them inspire us. We wanted to show our gratitude and just host a day in the dirt, enjoy seat time and eat some good food, but it turned into so much more. From the start of the day the WMN of WLF perfectly executed a 5-star breakfast, to a 65-mile jaunt through some of the best hidden gem single track, to the roamers and sweepers on the trail that kept everyone safe. No man or women was left behind. As we look back now and reflect the experience was something we couldn’t have planned. We couldn’t fabricate the smiles, the stoke, the high fives, the breakdowns, the hoots or the hollers. Everything that was afforded to this event was perfect and pure. The small crew of 20 people changed the way we view community and gave a whole new meaning to “in the trenches.”

Thanks to all the folks that made this ride possible, you know who you are! Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneer town was the perfect rest stop to lick wounds and talk story as well as, enjoy some amazing cheers! The group could not be more grateful for full bellies and comfy feet, thanks to Mikey and the family @Stance.

Nick Dellar - Moto prep on the pre-run.

Nick Dellar - Moto prep on the pre-run.

Like the old song says….”Cause there's something in a Sunday”…There was undeniably something in that Sunday that will leave a lasting impression on us and hopefully others. MISSION ONE complete.

Photo: Kheldon Stapley

Photo: Kheldon Stapley

Photo: Kheldon Stapley

Photo: Kheldon Stapley

We want to thank all active / non-active military person that is the WLF pack and beyond. A small token of our gratitude comes in the form a new GROUND CONTROL jersey appropriately named THE TRACKER. We build product for a purpose, and the purpose of this product is to help raise awareness for the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT.

Introducing the GROUND CONTROL Tracker Long Sleeve & Tracker Cap

A portion of all proceeds raised from this product will help change the lives of over one hundred thousand injured warriors, caregivers, and family members. You will help bring independence back to our nation’s most severely wounded veterans.