Apart from a brief stint with a Yamaha DT50 when I was a teenager, I came to riding motorcycles later in life – which means I still consider myself somewhat of newb. Partly inspired by watching Charlie and Ewan go The Long Way Round, and partly by childhood memories of watching BMWs win the Dakar on TV with my dad...

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[WLF] PRO-Files: Meghan Milligan - 08

Growing up, I was never surrounded by motorcycles. There wasn’t a family member to pass the torch or a friend that exposed me to the joys of two wheels. My first foray into the world of two wheels was on my road bike. At the time (2008), I was a student in Chicago where I became addicted to the adrenaline of zipping past cars and squeezing between buses — but I wanted more...

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[WLF] PRO-Files: Nick Livingston - 06

At 18 Years old, I found myself sitting in the parking lot of the local community college about to take the placement exam when I heard the mountains calling. The next day, I was Colorado bound with just a packed-down truck to steer the way. I had no destination planned, and no intent on returning.  It was in those mountains where my adventurous spirit was set free, and where I realized that I was not different, I had just been in the wrong place...

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[WLF] PRO-Files: Amelia Kamrad - 05

For the next hour we battled through the wilds of Pennsylvania; vindictive thorn bushes, octopus-armed rhododendron, angrily-angled roots, ruts older than father time. We traveled all of 1.5 miles before turning around to make our escape. I didn’t know any better than to assume this was what Dual Sport riding was all about; I was hooked...

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[WLF] PRO-Files: Ed Luke - 03

It was early 1970, several of us neighborhood kids gathered around a 19” console TV to watch the man himself, “Evil Knievel”, attempt to jump 13 trucks on his motorcycle. Even though he didn’t make the landing, it didn’t stop us from going outside, leaning a plank of wood on top of a few cement cinder blocks, and jumping steel trash cans on our bicycles...

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[WLF] PRO-Files: Sarah Roth - 01

My obsession with two wheels started at a pretty young age. However, despite my best efforts early on, I didn't end up getting into riding until about six or so years ago. I'm pretty sure I inherited some sort of moto gene, the kind of thing only known in local folklore...

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Introducing [WLF] PRO-Files a monthly featured article highlighting some of the best moto-driven riders we have been associated with. Our mission at [WLF] has always been founded on documenting and connecting the Off-Road, DualSport, Enduro and Adventure rider community around the globe. These hand selected riders have stand out from the pack in producing some of the best moto content available.

Thanks to the riders and industry partners that make this campaign possible.

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