Tracks Download:

alternate tracks download location if Dropbox is not working for you: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AqERW1zNYl-Qpdc2ZsUeqEiFrQSx0w

Rough Itinerary:

- 8am - Meet at Miller Canyon Staging area *buy 2 days worth of adventure passes!

- *SIGN RELEASE FORM - Greg will be point man for that

- Carpool // Don't leave anything valuable in your truck

- Dump Camping gear with Bryce cell: 714-747-4080 *Pack light

- Fuel is really only necessary for the 2 Smokers

- We will be running radios. Mike Smith will be there to help setup radios

- Get yo WLF Jersey on!!

- 9am Kickstands up!

- Small meeting points along the route

- Go to Campsite Location : https://goo.gl/maps/wC9C8EN4Dm42

- WLF will be hosting lunch in Big Bear - MEET AT IRONWOOD CAMPSITE FIRST

- LUNCH is on WLF - *If you're with the group. :) Maggio's

- Fill up fuel in town after lunch

- Setup camp after lunch

- Local rips around Camp

- 6;30 WLF Provided Dinner at Camp

- Night ride

- 8am Kickstands up. Headed out

- Breakfast in Arrowhead - TBD

- Meet back at Miller

Ya'll have our info for any questions. Stoked to get on the dirt with you ladies!