Ground-Control LS: The Stumble-bee BLACK & YELLOW

Ground-Control LS: The Stumble-bee BLACK & YELLOW


The Original WLF Stumble Bee BACK IN-STOCK!!

Whenever you feel you’ve reached the breaking point from all the stumbling, look left or right and you’ll find a WLF brother or sister right there to lend a helping hand. At the end of the day we are all regular joe’s and jane’s that are in community. You are part of the pack. W.E go FURTHER TOGETHER.


  • Built with a breathable 220g lycra fabric

  • Stronger 280g outer arm lycra build for strength and durability

  • Low-Profile 4x6 inch shoulder utility pocket for easy access to documents or small tools

  • Quick-Dry treatment for maximum wear comfort

  • Durable wrist cuff construction built for heavy usage

  • Antimicrobial finish that resists odors and reduces germs

  • Advanced Italian sublimation ink prevents color from ever fading

  • Environmentally friendly fabric and printing process

Designed to withstand some of the most difficult riding conditions and maintain a comfortable fit and offer some leading edge technology.

We do not suggest placing any products of value inside the shoulder utility pocket. It is designed for documents, maps & snacks. We do not take any responsibility for your crushed cell phone or expensive calculator.

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