WLF // FMF - Collab "Further" Tee

WLF // FMF - Collab "Further" Tee

  • WLF/FMF collaboration men's crew neck tee

  • Front chest logo 

  • Full back screenprint design

  • 100% Cotton

WLF Enduro's mantra is "Further Together”. It’s more than just words on paper. Its the whole pack’s mentality. 

No matter if they are dragging each other out of tight spots, fixing flats, or getting lost to get found they go Further Together…Its gotten them here, there and everywhere in between. 

Riding on two wheels is a family no matter what year, make or model you're on. We all start and work together to finish in the same spot. 

We at Flying Machine Factory share this same passion and is why we got into the business 45 years ago.  Some things have changed but one thing will remain, throwing a leg over a dirtbike and enjoying the smile they put on our faces.  This is why we have joined WLF to bring this LIMITED EDITION apparel collection and go Further Together.

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