Limited Edition - WLF // FMF Patch Set

Limited Edition - WLF // FMF Patch Set


WLF / FMF Patch Set

  • WLF/FMF set of collaborationpatches

  • 100% Polyester

Design inspired by WLF’s home turf of the high deserts. Uncle Donnie's Wingman and the WLF come together as a pack to make FLYING WLF FACTORY. Flying side by side thru the dust and the mud making sure we get in and get out of whatever the trail throws at us.

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Flying Machine Stories, an all new segment brought to you exclusively by Flying Machine Factory are inside looks at why we ride, the passion of getting out and sharing the moment of riding with friends and family. In episode 1 of Flying Machine Stories, we team up with an iconic Enduro group called the WLF Enduro.